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Our Story

How it all began...

Ultimately Ecovask was born as a result of unveiling our new kitchen to some German friends who were apparently a bit mortified by our manky, hole ridden disposable dishcloth hanging over the tap.

Next minute we were couriered a life changing magnetic dishcloth holder to help keep our dishcloth out of sight.

That small act of honesty, set me on a trajectory trying to find less manky dishcloths. Which eventually came in the form of a Danish find in 2016 - finely knitted cotton cloths.

It was love at first try and we haven't looked back since!

Not just dishcloths...

While our journey may have started with a mission of transforming the humble dishcloth, our drive today tackles the everyday nuisances we live with such as;

  • smelly, manky dishcloths
  • non-drying tea towels
  • guilt of using single use cotton pads and wipes
  • environmental impact of plastic loofahs
  • kitschy hand towels
  • ill-fitting microfibre hair towels...

which has led us to the development of some of our best-selling products.

What's next

Ecovask has evolved into a thriving business with a profound commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical production.

Having recently moved into a dedicated office space and workroom / showroom, we feel like we are just beginning.

Our recent visit to India we extensively toured all our production sites and mills, and we were so inspired by the amazing work being undertaken around sustainability. We are keen to dive into this further and take you on this journey also.

It has also kicked off some amazing innovation projects which we are super excited to bring you in 2024.



Selling at local markets

Having fallen in love with the product, we started bringing in cloths from Europe and selling at local markets with teenage kids as a way to share this great product while teaching our kids about money and business.



Fundraising mission kicked in

Our 14 yo son signed up to for trip to Nepal in partnership with his school and World Challenge (a youth expedition company). That kicked off 20 months of planning and fundraising so 'occasionally' selling at weekend markets became a weekly essential...

And while it wasn't the most exciting way for him to spend his weekends and I did most of the work, it was a great bonding exercise.



Our manufacturing journey began

With the Nepal trip done. we had a strong customer base loving the products, but markets were no longer an option due to extended lockdowns. So, with my consulting career on hold, I shifted focus to selling online.

This brought us retailer attention and the request to supply wholesale. With European supply hampered - our manufacturing journey began...



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