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Which cloth is right for you?

Not all hands are created equal...

Whether you have small hands, older hands, 'man' hands, kids hands... or for those like me with only one hand...

Over the years, your feedback has shaped our product range and we now manufacture different cloth options to suit hands of all ages, sizes and strengths.

While our original heavy-duty dishcloths remain our biggest seller, recent additions are fast becoming popular in their own right.

Still not sure which way to go?

Which cloth is right for you?

While our original heavy-duty dishcloths remain our biggest seller, recent additions are fast becoming popular in their own right.

It started out because a friend with arthritis struggled to wring out our heavy-duty cloths, so we created our 'lite' dish cloth which has become super popular with our older consumers. 

Then our Design Series cloths which started out as a kids wash cloth, but soon became loved by those with small hands or traditional sponge users...

Then came the Barista cloth. And while it makes an awesome dishcloth - our local barista highlighted the need for a differentiated cloth for our beloved coffee machines.

Ecovask Dishcloth Cloths

Heavy duty cloths

Our original heavy-duty cloth is the power house of dish cloths and loved by those wanting maximum absorbency and good a wringing-out action. Also great for using as a polishing off cloth when dry or for heat protection.

'Lite' dish cloths

These cloths were designed with arthritic hands in mind. 20% lighter than our heavy-duty cloths, they hold less water making them faster drying and easier to wring out for strength impaired hands.

Design series cloths

Initially designed as a kids wash cloth to replace disposable wipes, these cloths pack a punch for absorbency while also being easy to wring out with one hand making them a great option for small/young hands or sponge users.

Barista cloths

We're in love with our newest addition! Slightly lighter than our heavy-duty cloths, the practical ribbed texture of these cloths makes them perfect for wiping down hot milk wands and picking up and rinsing off loose coffee grinds.

Great uses for our dishcloths

Wiping up spills

There’s nothing more annoying than going to mop up a spill just to find your cloth isn’t actually mopping it up. It’s just moving it around the surface!

Ecovask dishcloths are very (very) absorbent and soak up spills easily. Remember though, they’re not a sponge so you’ll have to squeeze them out more often. 

Obviously cloths absorb more when they're dry, so it's a good idea to have a spare cloth or two in the drawer ready for use.

Washing dishes

Just use your knitted dishcloth as you would any other dishcloth. Their textured surface makes them ideal for wiping plates clean or greasy pans. (Just make sure you rinse then in hot soapy water after use and hang to dry in the sink or laundry).

Or stand by while you watch someone else do the dishes for you! (dream)

Cleaning appliances & bench tops

Whether you have Stone bench tops or stainless-steel surfaces we have you covered! A soaking wet cloth will always leave some residue so we recommend keeping a dry cloth aside that you can use for this purpose. Spray the surface with your favourite cleaner (although not bleach!) and wipe surface clean for the perfect finish. 

Mopping up mucky eaters!

Got toddlers or young children who still wear more of their food than eat it? Our cloths are fantastic at mopping up the faces, hands and table-tops of enthusiastic eaters! 

We recommend our Design Series cloths for this job

How to take care of your knitted dishcloth

Avoiding smelly dishcloths

After you’ve used your cloth, rinse in clean water, ring them out and hang it to dry in your sink.

Ideally you don't want to stash wet dish cloths under the sink as they need air flow to dry in between use.

NB: If you don't like hanging your dishcloth over the tap then check out the super-stylish HAPPY SiNKS dishcloth holders. They're a marriage saver!

How often should I wash my cloths?

Ideally you should change your cloths out each day for ultimate hygiene. Hang your used cloths to dry in the laundry or soak them into a bucket with water and 1/4 cup white vinegar until wash day.

We recommend washing your Ecovask cloths as you would your kitchen towels in 30-40 degrees C.

NB: We don't recommend washing your dishcloths in the dishwasher as they end up holding the dirty dishwater.

Can I put them in the dryer?

Yes, they will survive the tumble drier perfectly!

Using a tumble dryer to dry your dishcloths and towels is the best way to keep their shape and feeling soft.
(Tip: just running your towels through the dryer for ten minutes will help create a softer feel than straight line drying). 

If you’re drying your cloths on a line, we recommend hanging them by folding over in the middle rather than pegging the corners. Alternatively dry them inside over a heated towel rail. 

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